Special Design

Campus Town Special Design Features


As a focal point for the new Campus Town TCNJ development we  strategically located a strong vertical element in the form of a built tower. Absorbed into the residential configuration, this element is directly aligned with center of TCNJ's Loser Hall. It will serve as a terminus for this primary east/west axis within the campus, a focal point for the development itself, and a potential marker for the college along Pennington Road. The area around the tower is being conceived as an open plazac to create a natural seating area and focal point.

The design allows for larger, communal exterior gathering spaces. These spaces can be planted to remain green, or paved in a variety of ways to form plazas in select areas

We have maintained a pedestrian/vehicular artery that runs north-south through the complex which connects the two parking areas as well. The intent is to treat this thoroughfare more like an expanded plaza with special paving, and without curbs. While providing parallel parking for cars and service vehicles, the flush treatment of this zone should transform it from a mere street to a pedestrian mall.