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Student Parking

Parking Access and Restrictions

Campus Town resident parking is available on a first come first served basis.  The management office has full authority to assign spaces and lots.  Resident parking lots are accessed via Metzger Drive.  Handicap spots are available to those with officially issued State Permits only.

Every resident is issued a parking pass with an identification number and that number is assigned a numbered parking spot.

There is NO STUDENT OR RESIDENT parking allowed in the retail portion of the lots except for the 15 minute loading and unloading designated spots.

Parking in the Retail lot is for retail customers only with a 2 hour maximum time limit and ONLY while in a retail store.

Towing is in effect and cars will be towed if a person:

  • parks in the retail lot and walks to campus

  • parks in the retail lot and goes up to an apartment

  • parks in the retail lot and goes to the Fitness Center

  • parks in a spot assigned to another student

  • parks without the proper identification tag/sticker on the car

  • parks in a handicap designated spot without a State issued tag

  • exceeds the time limit of 2 hours


Other reasons to be towed apply.  Our residents should get from the management office the full regulations on parking.

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