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Dear Parents...


Give Your Student a Great College Experience and Yourself Peace of Mind


We understand that sending your son or daughter to college is a major milestone in your life and theirs. Give your student a great college experience and yourself peace of mind by having him or her live at Campus Town Apartments. They will live in an environment that will support learning and independence while living on the campus of TCNJ!  There are many advantages to living at Campus Town's privately owned and operated student only housing apartments – living on the campus grounds allows easy access to the school, classrooms, social activities and sporting events, as well as not having to rely on a car.


Your student will have everything that the college has to offer at their fingertips, as well as a private place of their own to study, learn and enrich their lives.  For many students, a productive college career is the foundation for their future success. The Apartments will provide them with the opportunity to live independently in a college community so they can develop the necessary skills to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.


Student Can Have the Off-Campus Experience within the Campus Border


Living at The Apartments will provide your student with housing that is spacious and luxurious located on the main campus of the TCNJ’s campus. Unlike a traditional dorm where your student might have to share a room and bathroom with one or more students, he or she will only share common spaces – the living room and kitchen, but have a private and secure bedroom.  Instead of sharing a bathroom with many people and having to walk from his or her room to that bathroom, your student can have a private or share with only one other roommate.


The Apartments provide an alternative to traditional on-campus living. Each fully furnished unit has a full kitchen complete with a regular size refrigerator, range, dishwasher and microwave. Your student will have the option to cook healthy meals, dine at one of the on-site eateries or purchase a TCNJ meal plan.  A washer and dryer is also included, as well as the utilities.


On-site Professional Management and Maintenance Staff


On-site maintenance professionals are on-call 24-hours. You can rest assured that your student will have all of the security of home.  If a problem arises, your student will have access to someone to help them no matter what time it is or day of the week. This level of service is usually not available at a typical apartment complex where your child could wait for days if their oven breaks, the heat goes out or a toilet breaks.


Capstone On-Campus Management, one of the leading providers of third-party management services to campuses nationwide, will be available to work on comfort or safety issues and to process work orders. Its staff will be proactive and responsive to maintenance concerns that your student might have. Since Capstone On-Campus will be at Campus Town, any questions or issues can be handled by their caring staff quickly and efficiently.


Resident Assistant


Resident Assistants (RA) play an important role in helping students assimilate to college life. Capstone-on-Campus management will have RAs that live at The Apartments to help build a residential community, develop community programs, counsel and provide students with support when needed, and enforce residence policies.




Security is provided through key card access to the building, apartment and your private bedroom. TCNJ police services will patrol Campus Town and respond to blue light calls. In addition,  campus police services will have a substation located in Campus Town.


Guaranteed Housing


Since Campus Town is offered by a private company – the TCNJ Lottery system DOES NOT apply to its residents. Once accepted, students are guaranteed that they will have “on-campus” housing for as long as they want provided they comply with the terms of the lease.  




Residents have the option to park in the Campus Town Only student parking lots.  This gives your student the option to bring his or her car to school. Parking is limited and offers on a first come first served basis.  Campus Town has brought in Enterprise Car Share.  This allows residents to "rent" a cary by the hour saving the cost of having a car on campus.




Campus Town is technology enabled, helping your student stay connected to their coursework, friends, family and you. The Apartments have the infrastructure to support  your students technology needs. 


Individual Leases


Leases at The Apartments are on an individual basis. What that means is that you are only responsible for your student. You will not have to worry about roommates not paying their share of the rent. If a roommate decides to move out, you will not be responsible for their rent or finding a new roommate. This is a significant advantage over traditional leases at rental houses or other apartment properties where parents are responsible for the rent of the entire unit. At The Apartments you will have peace of mind from knowing that you do not have to worry about roommates that are not fulfilling their financial obligation.


Floor Plan and Amenities


There are three spacious floor plans  for your student to choose from to meet his or her individual needs. Designed for one, two or four residents, each apartment has common areas for socializing, as well as a private bedroom for studying.


The amenities  offer your student all of the modern conveniences that they require – including cable TV and high-speed Internet connection at no additional cost.


On-site shops, restaurants, and entertainment will give your student the opportunity to take a break from studying without having to leave Campus Town.


Fully Furnished Apartments


Make move in day easy! Furnishing an apartment and bedroom can be very costly and inconvenient. Each apartment is fully furnished to save you money and time. Your student will benefit from having stylish furniture instead of hand-me-downs. All he or she will have to bring are personal items such as a television, computer, stereo and decorations to create their own unique space.


We Are Here For You


Feel free to contact  us if we can be of assistance with any part of your son’s or daughter’s housing experience at Campus Town. Throughout this website you will find helpful information regarding the payment of rent, links to college housing, and other resources for your convenience. We are here for you and sincerely want you to have the peace of mind that your student is living in a nurturing community.




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