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Car Share

Campus Town reduces the need for cars,  helps the environment saves students money by partnering with Enterprise CarShare









Enterprise CarShare is excited to announce the launch of its service at Campus Town on August 15 with two cars located in Campus Town’s retail parking lot. The service is open to The College of New Jersey students as well as local community members. Enterprise CarShare offers a variety of clean, well-maintained vehicles at an affordable price, when and where customers need them, whether it is for an hour, a day, a weekend or longer. To learn more visit


Building a community that will house 612 students on the campus of The College of New Jersey will have a positive effect on the environment and students wallets. 


Along the western side of campus, 11 buildings are being constructed for student housing and retail shops Campus Town.  Students that live in this state of the art environment will enjoy the luxury of stepping out their door and grabbing a cup of coffee, lunch or do banking without ever having to use a car.  By design, Campus Town offers a small town walkable main street style community.  Having shops and the college at their doorstep, students can live here without the need of a car.  This will save students/parents thousands by not having to buy, own or operate a car. 

When the time comes when they need to drive, Campus Town will offer a car-share program through Enterprise allowing the use of a car to meet the student’s needs. A student will have the ability to use the car as needed for an hour, day or the weekend.


When a student goes off to college, along with the many other decisions and concerns is – should the student bring a car.  Having the ability to eliminate the cost to purchase, own and operate the car helps offset the already high cost of going to college.  According to AAA, for 2014 it costs an average of $8,876 a year to own a vehicle. It is expensive to own and maintain a vehicle. Car share members can save thousands.

Members become less dependent on their vehicles and therefore use healthier alternatives of travel (walking and biking) more often.  With students walking and cycling  within an area (Campus Town also offers bicycle storage rooms for its residents) Campus Town will become more vibrant, lively, and safe with an added incentive to shop just outside their door.  Another benefit to student members is that Freshmen that are not allowed to have cars on campus can still take advantage of Enterprise car share.  By joining they can use the service at age 18 not 25 the typical rental age requirement.


Campus Town has partnered with Enterprise Car Share to make available all the freedoms of a car without owning one. Across the country, car sharing is helping keep cars off the road. The reduction in cars directly means a reduction in green-house gases and other fuel emissions into the atmosphere.  Enterprise CarShare members are more likely to use environmentally friendly forms of transportation--walking, biking, mass transit, carpooling and CarShare--helping create a green legacy for the Campus Town and the College. 

Click on Enterprise logo for information about Enterprise CarShare program

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