Project Summary

The second project in New Jersey, approved and developed under the, 2009 New Jersey Economic Stimulus Act, this combination of 83,000 square feet of retail and 285,000 of student housing comprised of 612 beds is was completed in 2016. Owned by PRC Campus Communities a subsidiary of the PRC Group. The completion date of phase I was August 2015. 


The development is comprised of eleven buildings and separate student and retail parking zones located on12  acres of college grounds on the west side of the campus just south of the main entry. 


The two zone parking strategy serves to get a balanced distribution of cars at either end of the development with with a separation between students residents and public shoppers.  Control points at the dedicated northern residential lot, and southern parking lot will prevent non-college visitors to the development from gaining access to these student parking areas. Window affixed parking decals issued to students with cars should deter them from parking in areas reserved for retail patrons.


In addition to the college bookstore and fitness center, Panera Bread and Piccolo Pronto restaurants are ch will function as quasi-anchors in a project of this type and size.  They are located in the middle of the project and will naturally lead customer past other shops on either end of the project.  Additionally, most shops have the ability to have outdoor seating. 


The buildings are arranged to create a different massing character along Metzger Drive (TCNJ's main campus road) vs. Pennington Road.  In making the development as porous as possible along Pennington Road, there are several passageways that cut through between buildings and lead into the complex. The buildings along Metzger Drive are designed, with the major entry/gateway occurring on axis with Loser Hall.


We have created large, communal exterior gathering spaces within the development,  and have designed  most of the ground floor retail space under the footprints of the residential blocks above. This allows an exterior spatial configuration that is akin to a campus quad arrangement. The exterior open spaces are planted and gpaved, in a variety of ways to form plazas in select areas.


As a focal point for the new development we have strategically locating a strong vertical element in the form of a built tower. Absorbed into the residential configuration on levels 2 and 3, this element is directly aligned with center of Loser Hall. It serves as a terminus for this primary east/west axis within the campus, a focal point for the development itself, and a marker for the college along Pennington Road. The area around the tower is being conceived as an open plaza to create a natural seating area and focal point.