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Pass Along My Resume

Campus Town businesses are hiring!

Would you like us to pass along your interest in working at Campus town? Complete the form below and we will get it to our retailers!


This service is at no cost or obligation by either party.  Our service is to pass along the information you supply to the Campus Town retailers that show interest in hiring.  There is no obligation by either party,  By completing this form and submitting it, you are giving us permission to distribute the information you provide to our retailers as well as allowing the retailers to contact you if they have interest in further discussions. Any decision in hiring is between you and the retailer.


Complete the form below.  In the message section be sure to type of position you are looking for as well as a short description of your experience and qualifications for that position.



































PRC CampusCenters, LLC, its Retailers, Subsidiaries  will not be involved or making any hiring decisions nor give any input as to the qualifications or validity of information provided, are to be held harmless for the information provided and do not guaranty results.  This is not to be interpreted as a job search agency or placement firm.

Pass along my info


Thanks for submitting!

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